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Our Purveyors

    Adventure in Food

  • Adventure in Food is my “go to” company when I am looking for anything interesting or local....especially cheese! Eric and company have done an incredible job of “bridging the gap” between chef and farmer. Thanks AIF!

  • Browne Trading

  • Being a “land locked” chef is always a bummer, but having Browne Trading a phone call away to bring me the Atlantic ocean is awesome. Located in Portland, Maine, Browne Trading is one of the premiere fish mongers in the country. I can call at noon any day and have fish caught and delivered the next day! We share the same passion and love of seafood, and also share sustainable and line caught beliefs. Thank you BT.

  • Chef’s Garden

  • If you feel the need to go to any of these websites...go to Chef's Garden! Located in Huron, Ohio lies one of the most incredible vegetable growers to walk the earth. Farmer Lee Jones has a passion for vegetables that surpasses even mine. He is bringing back heirloom varieties of vegetables and doing it with passion and broadening every chef's mind. Thanks Team.

  • D. Brickman

  • D. Brickman is one of the most reliable companies I have ever worked with and they are local! Having the combination of rock solid produce and excellent seafood makes my job a lot easier as a chef. Located right in Menands, N.Y. gives them access to local produce in season and a straight shot to the Boston and New York fishing markets. Thanks guys!

  • Dole and Bailey

  • Dole and Bailey has to be one of my favorite companies to deal with. Very much like Adventure in Food, they are a specialty company....but also give me the access to incredible everyday ingredients. A company established in 1866 must be doing something right! Thank You.

  • Monterey Abalone Company

  • Monterey Abalone Company is a new addition to my arsenal of purveyors. Yes they do sell abalone, but they also harvest other very cool Pacific Ocean offerings, such as a multitude of seaweeds! I like to call them “ocean lettuces”. Anyone who knows my cooking style knows I like seaweed....don’t know why, don’t care. Merci Monterey.

  • Sid Wainer and Sons

  • Sid Wainer and Sons has also been in my arsenal for a long time. Located in the Northeast is a plus! In season they act as a conduit between all the local farms out of my reach, which is awesome! Every piece of produce is pristine, from a “simple” cucumber to a truffle mushroom. It’s always perfect and available! Thank you.

  • Terra Spice

  • I have been using Terra Spice for a very long time. I feel that spices are taken for granted in most kitchens. They are usually stale and always an afterthought. That is why I use Terra Spice, because it’s fresh and I can also find unique barks and roots.....they help me with my alchemy! As always, thank you.